How to get Instagram followers

Focused on showing off some of the most gorgeous photos to a global audience, it is no surprise that Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the web, with over 200 million users logging on in April 2017.

Featuring everything from mouthwatering dishes to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, it is no wonder people are addicted to this social media platform.

Some users become so wrapped up in it, they decide to make the jump to becoming a creator. In order to curry the influence their heroes manage to get, they quickly realize that they need to increase their follower count.

If you have read a number of articles on the web on this subject, you might be tempted to go out and buy Instagram followers, but there are free methods you can try before opening your wallet.

In the post below, we’ll run down some of the most common techniques the most effective Instagrammers use to build their follower base.

1) Attach hash tags to your post

When you first start out on Instagram, you’ll quickly build an initial following thanks to your immediate circle, but most people get stuck at this stage.

The easiest way we know to increase your number of followers is to stick hash tags in the description of your posts.

There are many heavy Insta users who quickly tire of what goes on in the lives of their friends, so they opt to surf hash tags that correspond with their interests.

Go on a lot of trips? Tag your vacation photos with #travel.

Love to dine at the hottest restaurants? Stick #foodporn into the caption after your description.

Research the posts of influential Instagram influencers, see how they make use of hash tags, and then follow suit.

2) Post when most people are on the app

You can be posting some truly mind blowing photos, but most of your efforts will go to waste if you are posting at suboptimal times.

What use is it to put up content when most people in your target audience are asleep or are up to their eyeballs in work?

By posting at approximately 2 am or 5 pm Eastern Time, you’ll catch people when they are on their afternoon commute home in New York, or on their morning commute to work in London.

3) Post compelling content

You can follow the tricks mentioned previously and any others you find on the web, but they won’t get you lasting results if the content you post is boring, irrelevant, or just plain bad.

If you want to be an Instagram influencer with tens of thousands of followers, you need to get serious about the art of photography.

By finding the right light, making use of innovative angles, and getting creative with filters and editing tools, you will eventually be able to create visual art that blows away your fans, day after day.



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