Throwing a Great Friday Themed Costume Night Party

Friday is the perfect time of the week. No more work worries. Two days off ahead of you. This is when people let down their hair, walk away from the strains of the week and think about having fun. Friday night is the perfect time to hold a party. If you’re going to hold a party on this evening, you want it to be special. While it’s nice to get together with family and friends, you want to offer something that isn’t your run of the mill gathering. For many party creators, the answer is a costume party. A Friday night costume party is just the thing to end the week on a great note. Give your guests something to look forward to all week long.

Creating a Theme

While the idea of a general costume party is fun, you can take it to the next level with a theme. Think about what you and your friends like. You might adore movies. In that case, movie costumes can be the theme of your party. Select a few of your favorite movies and create a space that pays homage to them. For example, if you love superhero movies, you can set out drinks in superhero cups. Ask you friends to bring items like popcorn and other movie related treats. Place some movie posters on the wall and you’re in the mood. Hold a showing of some audience favorites as well on local screens. Bring out several movies and run them on a continuous loop. Let your guests choose which ones they want in advance by asking them to fill out a card on an invite.

Your Own Costume

Just as you want everyone in your group to have a great costume, you also want to think about your own costume. You can go very simple with minimal materials. You can also go all out with a decorative costume that has intricate details. You might want to consider buying a costume if you’re pressed for time. Or, you can choose to create a costume on your own and then add in specifics that will make it your own if you sew well. Consider buying a few accessories so even people who forget to bring costumes can participate in the party.

Letting Go of the Week

Your ultimate aim should be to let go of the frustrations of the work week as you head into the weekend. A party an hour or two after work can be the ideal way to accomplish this, allowing you time to get the space ready for your guests and work on your costume. You should think about how to make sure that each person who comes to your party gets the opportunity to enjoy themselves. With the right advanced planning, it’s easier than ever to turn the end of the week into the start of something great. A fabulous movie costume party means you can be with friends and have fun.

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