Top Most Essentials For A Kerala Bride

We are privileged that we live in a land where to be witnessed of such a kind of diversity is easy. India is the place where one can explore the richness of 29 states, 22 languages and more than hundreds of fashion and styles according to the taste of people. After all the population of billion matters here!

Highlighting the fashion zone of this land, the women of India are rejoicing the charm of four main types of Indian clothes – classic kurtis, designer sarees, traditional salwar suits and magnificent lehengas. It becomes unique to see the amalgamation of such vivacity with charm.

Today we will talk about the beauty of Indian Kerala bride, highlights of her makeup, jewellery and etc. which make her look unique while all the way showcasing their culture.

The state –Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’, showcases the beauty of their land through their fashion and culture as well. And the women are in no case less to flaunt the beauty in the right way. Check out the beautiful aspects which make every Kerala bride look stunning in every way…

Attire – Kasavu Sarees

Must you have heard the famous drape from the land Kasavu sarees? It is a unique aspect of a Kerala bride that she carries with all confidence and pride. The real kasavu comes in white base and bright golden borders though some brides love to carry red instead of white. It is a white silk saree which comes with a golden border. The Keralite Christians also prefer to wear white on their wedding day whereas Hindu and Muslim brides prefer to go for the brighter sides.


Simplicity is their tagline and they prefer to go with the non-shiny, simpler side. Kerala brides chose to wear plain yet intricately studded sandals with slight heels to complement their bridal Kerala saree. With designer sarees, the girls can stretch their choice to something more glamorous like studded pencil heels or heaven heels. In general, heels are not so adorned by the brides of South India.


This is the main portion which any how looks glamorous but in the case of Kerala brides, the level of luxe goes a little more upper side. Here is a list which is a must inclusion:

  1. Matha Patti
  2. Sita Haar
  3. Choker
  4. Baaju Band
  5. Nathni or Nose Ring
  6. Lavish Jhumkas
  7. Broad gold bangles and kadas
  8. Kamarband

Luxury and ravish are the words that define South Indian jewellery. And they believe in the quantity; so, keep on investing in gold especially if are going to be South Indian bride or related to the bride.


If you wish to follow the traditional way then the braid will awesomely do the part. Other hairstyles are also adopted nowadays. Let’s discuss:

  • A Side Bun
  • Low Big Bun
  • Braided Bun

Be it any kind of style; don’t forget to complement the complete look with a traditional maang tikka and a lot of jasmine flowers.


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